Luber-finer filters are designed and manufactured according to stringent OEM requirements.

Micro-glass synthetic and cellulose medias provide high filtering efficiency and dirt-holding capacity that is among the leading nationally branded filters.

high performance and protection keep vital engine parts such as fuel injectors and common rail components functioning well.

Fuel filter components of the highest quality ensure OEM replacement for form, fir and construction.

Luber-Finer air filters remove more than 99% of airborne contaminants.

Luber-Finer air filters provide 25-30% more dirt holding capacity - even in the most extreme operating environments.

Broad range of hydraulic filters for virtually any light commercial and heavy-duty application.

Build utilising the latest technology, materials and manufacturing processes.

Broad range of light commercial and heavy-duty coolant filters.

Constructed using only the highest quality components for increased filter integrity, extended filter life and reduced downtime costs.