Oil Filter is a key factor for engine usual working performance. HK Filter is being applied to most of vehicle in the world with superior effenciey, exact flow and long life. Our innovative design on lube filter with pass-by valve and anti-drain valve is close to world top level

Our company can offer clients with varied of oil filter and media, including full flow spin on oil filter, by pass flow spin on oil filter, complex oil filter, centrifugal and filter media. We are aslo able to provide the base connected to engine.

Air filter is made to provide the clean air for engine, and make fuel burn more adequately and air flow more freely. Permuim air filter is a important spare part to guarantee enginer usual working.

HK filter provide air filters and media, widely used in commerical vehicle, passanger car, industrial machine, mine machine and engine field. HK filter is up to client high requirement with permuim material and advanced technogy.

Cabin filter can increase the cleanliness of air coming into the room of car. Generally the filter subject can be included impurity, grain,dust, bacter and industrial air. Cabin filter can stop these dusts to destroy cabin system, and keep the clean air for people in car.

o clean up the dirty and water for good performance of engine, fuel filter is very important parts in engine system. HK fuel filter provides ultimate protection to engine at the very resoanable maintain cost with high effenciey and long life.